Breeders of Golden Retriever

Our Angels.....

Coco Chanel du Bois de la Rayère "Caithlyn"

Breeder: Bruno Facq

DOB: 19th of September 2009                                  DOD: 23rd of October 2019

Pedigree                                      Album

Un Amour de Patou du Bois de la Rayere "Sophie"

Breeder: Bruno Facq

DOB: 11th of July 2003       DOD: 2nd of January 2018

Pedigree                               Album

Tresor du Bois de La Rayere "July"

28th of April 2002   to 6th of September 2002

Ezra off the Hellacious Acres "Ezra"

1st of July 1987 to 14th of September 1998

Rocksett Rainy-days "Sarah"

12th of September 1998  to  8th of March 2012

Logan of the Hellacious Acres "Logan"

6th of May 1993 to  21st of February 2008

Akimo from the Wooden Cottage "Kim"

30th June 1986 to  24th August 2000


 6th March 1986  to   2nd July 1997